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Love, God, and the Art of French Cooking

The world of Chef Roger Dafau:

Imagine meeting a French chef who is much more than what he seems. Enter the world of Roger Dafau, the owner of a small bed and breakfast outside Toronto, who dishes out lessons on love and God as easily as he does the most delicious cuisine.

I met Roger at a moment when I was at my lowest, and through his friendship I was able to see how I had been protecting myself from love and true intimacy. You'll be amazed at how something as simple as a meal, or a clove of garlic, can make such a difference.

This amazing true story demonstrates how food can be one of our greatest teachers, and how spiritual mastery is often achieved through our most ordinary experiences, especially when we share a meal.

A Note from James Twyman:

This is the most personal book I've ever written. Two years ago I was at a crossroads, and I didn't know where to turn, until I met a French chef named Roger who helped me understand the mystical relationship between food, love, and spirituality. The experience changed my life, and I know it will change yours as well. That's why I'm doing so much to spread the word. I'm also offering a series of incredible bonuses which will help you experience Roger and the book in even deeper ways. So...come take a journey with me. I promise it will change your life forever.Why is James sharing such an amazing free gift? We believe that once you read the first three chapters, your life will change for the better. It’s that simple! James Twyman has produced some of the most interesting and profound books in the modern spiritual movement, but “Love, God, and the Art of French Cooking” is revolutionary. In it he reveals the secrets he learned from Roger (pronounced in French as “Row-zhay”), and how these secrets can change the way you look at everything, especially yourself.

Every adventure has a reward. For me it was an idea, one that I believe will change the way we look at intimacy, and of course, ourselves. Throughout the book my character develops a poem called "Sister, Forgive Me." The poem itself is about my own healing journey, imagining all the women I've ever known or wounded as my sisters, to be treated with respect and love. We've developed a website where men can do the same - write a poem or letter asking for forgiveness just as I did. It's also where women can read those entries, witnessing the healing that men around the world are willing to undergo for the sake of love. It's just one of many surprises in this new book I'm so anxious to share with you. (To read the poem or view entries go to www.sisterforgiveme.com)

What you will learn:
  • Roger’s philosophy for increasing joy in your life
  • How love can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience
  • Why our lives need to be crushed like garlic
  • Why one of the most famous chefs in Paris would choose fried
    eggs as his last meal on earth

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    In a few months James will release a new CD, but it can be yours immediately, just for ordering the book. "Then and Now" is a compilation of new songs, as well as several that were recorded nearly twenty years ago.
  • A six-part cooking class with Roger!
    Roger Dafau is not only a profound spiritual teacher, but one of the most accomplished chefs I've ever met. In this six-part video course, you'll get the chance to learn some of his favorite recipes, and experience his wisdom first hand.

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James F. Twyman is the NY Times bestselling author of fifteen books including The Barn Dance and The Moses Code. He is known around the world as The Peace Troubadour, having performed The Peace Concert in war torn countries like Iraq, Bosnia and Israel. He has also produced or directed four films including the award winning “Indigo,” and the film version of “The Moses Code.”