The world seems to be spinning out of control and there’s nothing an individual like you can to to stop it. But that’s not really the truth, is it? Imagine what would happen if you combined your energy with that of millions of other people at the exact same moment, focusing on a specific world situation or event.

Well, here’s the invitation you’ve been waiting for.

This January, join millions of people in a worldwide prayer vigil to counteract the violence of ISIS. CLICK HERE for complete info and to register.

To Register for the ISIS Prayer Vigil CLICK HERE


A Course In Miracles Musical TEXT

Thousands of people enjoyed the musical lessons from A Course In Miracles in 2015. They all agreed on one thing - Singing dramatically increases the impact of the lessons.

In 2016 we are happy to announce our next project celebrating the 50th anniversary of A Course In Miracles - The ACIM Musical TEXT. Join us for a whole year of "The Living Text." It will feel like Jesus is right beside you sharing these lessons on enlightenment. To get more information and to hear a sample, CLICK HERE.

Then and Now...Two FREE Songs from James


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