Horse Whispering: Does This Weird Concept Really Work?

You may have heard the term “dog whisperer before,” but have you ever heard of “the horse whisperer?” Val Heart is the world’s foremost horse whisperer, and she has shown time and time again that there is some validity behind being a horse whisperer.

What is a Horse Whisperer?

Horse listeningWhispering is a concept that sounds far-fetched, but it works. Animal communicators are said to be gifted with the ability to “talk” with animals. Val has been a communicator for almost 20 years, and she has the ability to talk with any animal, but there’s a focus on horses.

Horses that struggle even with the world’s best trainers have found solace thanks to horse whispering.

When problems are not resolved quickly through training methods, horse whispering can help. These problems may include:

  • Refusing to go forward
  • Nervousness or skittishness
  • Biting or nipping
  • Running away when approached
  • Refusing to load
  • Holding head too high
  • Pin ears under the saddle

Trainers can attempt to guess what’s going on with a horse, but they often fail to correct these behavioral issues. Horse whisperers have been shown to correct these issues through their communication with the horse.

It’s a practice that has become so popular that people sometimes use international horse transport just to meet with Val for 30 minutes – seriously.


Trainers often assume that the horse has a problem, and when this happens, the trainer will try to correct the behavior no matter how long the horse refuses to perform. Trainers often don’t think that their horses may be experiencing:

  • Physical problems
  • Emotional problems
  • Mental problems

Poor communication is often the cause of the horse’s problems, and when an animal communicator comes into the mix, it’s much easier to help a horse relax and become calm. It’s as much about training a horse as it is explaining what the problem is to the trainer.

When a trainer has direction, they’ll be able to better understand how to cope with the horse’s emotional or mental state.

And for skeptics, the results speak for themselves.

Val Heart is the leading horse whisperer, and she has helped horses reach their peak equine performance. She’s called the “Show Horse Rider’s Secret” because she’s been able to help riders get their horses into the winner’s circle.


Body Language, Behavior and Instinct

Animal communicators often bond with a certain type of animal, such as a horse. The idea is that the whisperer will learn and understand the behaviors of an animal, and they’ll also learn about the natural surroundings, too.

Time and training with an animal leads the communicator to be able to read and understand:

  • Ear movements
  • Body language
  • Lip movements
  • Facial expressions
  • Tail flicks
  • Stamps
  • Rearing

Horses can’t speak, but they offer cues and communication that an animal communicator can fully understand. Public demonstrations are often performed with untrained horses to show that the communicator can tame the horse through body language and a deeper understanding of the horse’s behavior.

Trainers often fail to reach this deeper level of understanding with horses that communicators are able to achieve.

But this doesn’t mean that the horse whisperer is performing a trick or a routine. Whisperers use intuition, education and a deeper understanding with the horse to communicate with them. Equine psychology is well understood by the horse whisperer, and a form of partnership is made between the horse and the communicator.

Speaking with the horse allows the communicator to resolve many of the training and behavioral problems that horses have.

A bond between the horse, trainer and rider is formed when everyone understands why the horse is behaving in a certain way.

Heart’s services allow for a professional horse communicator to help train even the most rambunctious of horses. She also offers courses to teach others how to properly become a horse whisperer.

Val works directly with horses and their trainers to break through the “language barrier” with their horses.

Animal whisperers are changing the way that trainers communicate with animals. A simple, in-depth understanding of the animal and why they’re acting a certain way helps train them with greater ease. It’s an almost immediate change in the horse’s behavior that allows them to break through the psychological and mental barrier that trainers view as “stubborn” and “unacceptable” behavior.

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